Elementor #1339

Annopurna devi- the goddess of food and nourishment

Annopurna is the goddess for food and nourishment. In hindu religion we often hear that wasting food is disrespecting goddess, we meant Annopurna mata. This goddess is considered as an avatar of Devi Parvati and wife of Lord Shiva. If we break the name then it comes as “Anno” which means food in bengali “Purna” it is the fulfillment or a full of food; therefore, the combination of the word came from. There are many temples in India where we worship the idol of Annopurna mata. Some famous Annopurna Mandir are Kasi Maa Arnopurna, in the district hoogly there is a 300 years old Annopurna Pujo which is known for Ganguly barir pujo. This Ganguly Barir pujo is done very asthetically every year in the month of March to April whenever the date given as per hindu calander. The members of this family were zamindars and they are worshiping the goddess way before the rules of British Empire.

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